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International Orders

International Orders Payment Policy

We offer a number of convenient payment options. Items in our store may be purchased with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You may also pay with PayPal. If online payment is not an option, you may place the order and mail a money order to us. 

Credit card fraud is a very serious problem. For the protection of all parties involved in the transaction, we utilize several available procedures to screen for potential credit card fraud, and will prosecute such fraudulent activity to the fullest extent of the law. 

Our fraud screening system is very strict, and from time to time an order may be marked as questionable . In such a situation, we may request that the customer fax a copy their photo identification to us for verification, and of the credit card that they used to make the purchase. This procedure helps assure the customer has the card in his or her possession, and considerably reduces the possibility that the transaction may be fraudulent.

As a general rule, international orders tend to be at a much higher risk of fraudulent activity than orders received domestically, and are more likely to be flagged by our screening system. This is due to the limited availability of reliable sources used for verification by our system with the card issuing bank, such as your address or the card security code. If this occurs with your order, please be patient and do not become offended if you receive an email requesting credit card or ID verification for your order. This is a normal procedure intended to protect both you and us.

International Shipping & Delivery

All orders sent outside the United States (Including Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico) will be shipped via USPS Global Express Mail, Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx at our discretion. If none of these options are available your package will be sent via Air Mail. International orders can sometimes require extra processing time, therefore our same day shipping guarantee does not apply. You will receive an email from us when your package ships. In some cases it is not possible to provide an exact delivery date, but most packages arrive within 1 week from date of shipment.

International customers are responsible for any and all customs fees, duties or other charges associated with importing of our products. If you refuse to pay these charges upon delivery, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for these fees.

Our shipping rate for international orders is dependant upon item and world region. The rates typically range from $24.99 to $79.99. Additional charges apply for each additional unit at a reduced rate.

In some rare cases, we are forced to pay higher shipping prices than are posted on our web site to ship to some areas. In these instances, we will notify the customer before the item ships that they will be billed for extra shipping charges. The customer will have the opportunity to accept the charges or cancel the order.

All orders to Puerto Rico will ship via USPS Priority Mail.

International Orders Returns & Exchanges Policy

If your product is defective, you must contact us for a replacement within 30 days of the date the original product shipped. The defective item will be replaced with a new unit of the same make and model. If the product must be replaced, the buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

International Orders Refund Policy

Without exception, we do not issue refunds for international orders. If your product is defective, please refer to our International Orders Returns & Exchanges Policy.

Currency & Exchange Rates

All transactions are in USD (US Dollars). We are not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations or fees that you may be charged by your credit card company for a currency conversion.  Likewise, refunds that we issue will also be in US Dollars. Due to the constant fluctuation of currency exchange rates, if a refund is issued, the refund amount may be more or less than the original purchase amount if such a currency conversion occurs. If the refund amount does not match the original charge due to exchange rate fluctuations, we will not issue additional credits, regardless of the reason for the refund.